job search

Scheduling multiple phone interviews in the same day would probably come more naturally to me, if I had experienced an overly active dating life in my youth. Why a one-girlfriend-at-a-time kind of guy ended up being a serial contractor is a question worth pondering.

I am also told, by the way, that the courtship between investors and startups can be equally uncomfortably close to dating. I wonder if I should be reading "Dataclysm" for tips on how to do the most effective job search.

dream from last night

I ran towards the front doors, and looked up through the tumbled-down redwood arcade to the rocky walls of the canyon my home sat at the bottom of. I saw water, at least six inches deep, flowing along the sides of the canyon, kept up there by the force of the storm winds. As soon as those winds died down, even for a moment, that water would come crashing into my home. I needed to get the doors shut.

As soon as I stepped out past the doorway, looking for the doors which had long since fallen down, I was whipped around in the wind like a plaything. I grabbed on to bushes which had overgrown the arcade in front of the entranceway, and pulled myself down and looked through the brush for a sign of the doors. There were two of them, one for each of the great hallways which opened onto this side of the canyon. How long had it been since I had closed them?

I heard a woman singing in the distance. Was she the ex-girlfriend of mine that people kept asking me about? I hadn't told them that all memory of her, like every other memory from this summer past, was completely wiped from my brain. No idea.

I'll never get them shut.

I found one of the doors, and began dragging it back towards the doorway where it should go, when I looked up and saw a different woman standing inside. She was dressed in deep purple and blue, wore a diamond necklace, and bared her teeth at me so that I could see her oversized canines.

"Fuck off!" I said, and threw the doorway into position in front of her. But the hinges had long since fallen off, and I had no idea how to hold it in place.

Then the alarm went off, and I woke up. Just as well.

I invite everyone to speculate on what this means about my attitude towards women. I think it had more to do with the cats that were clawing at the doorway to our bedroom, but you never know.